Dry Lining

Dry lining (sometimes referred to as Internal Wall Insulation) involves fixing insulated plasterboard to the inside face (room side) of your external walls.

Up to half the heat loss from a house occurs through the walls. Insulate the walls of your home, using internally insulating dry lining or external wall insulation, to reduce this energy loss by two-thirds.

Some of the great benefits of good home insulation are:

  • Reduces your fuel bills
  • Creates a warmer home
  • Reduces condensation problems
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Dramatically improves your home’s Building Energy Rating (BER)

Both your home and the environment benefit from internal or external wall insulation by conserving fuel reserves and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

McAuliffe Bros provide a complete package when carrying out a dry-lining project including removing existing plasterboard, window boards & skirting boards etc.

A new skim plaster finish is then applied, new or existing skirting boards and window boards are fitted and the house is left clean & tidy after works have been completed.

The Better Energy Homes Scheme provides grants to homeowners to improve energy efficiency in their homes. It is administered by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) which McAuliffe Bros is a member.

Grants are paid after the work is completed and you have paid the contractor. If the cost of the work (including VAT) is less than the maximum grant  amount,  you will get  the actual  cost of the work.


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