External Plastering

ConstructionProbably the most important part of any job is the completion of the external plastering.  This is the main view that the public, neighbours, customers, passers-by will have of your completed building.  As such the job must be right to create the right impression of quality.


Whether you have a new build, a development or are refurbishing a premises we can help you to achieve the finish you want.  We only make promises we can stand over and you are guaranteed that we will meet both times and budgets promised.


This is why all of our clients recommend us.


McAuliffe Bros Plastering bring over 20 years of experience to making sure that you create the right impression and consistently deliver top class finishes, leading to the fact that we are consistently rehired by our builder customers.


We can provide any type of finish required by your architects and can also assist architects and builders in the choice of appropriate finishes and we work closely with the manufacturers of the different systems.


Below is a list of the materials that we can and have worked with in the past.



We are happy to work with with new materials if your finish requires it, or will help you to select appropriate materials to achieve the finish that you require.


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